Chandra Fox of These Native Goods


Meet Chandra fox of these native goods



Founder of These Native Goods, a Directory of USA made brands. 

Home Base: 

Los Angeles, Northern California transplant

Design Style in Three Words: 

Clean, ethnic, vintage

What inspires you the most: 

Sorry to be a cheeseball, but my family. My daughter and husband constantly inspired me to be better, try harder and go after my dreams. My mother is also a major inspiration, she just has a way of looking at life that I really admire. And she’s the best mama. 

favorite room in your home: 

The kitchen. I love to cook, plus we recently renovated the kitchen so its extra enticing. We also added a little window seat in the room, it is the perfect perch for morning coffee/emails.

favorite shop: 

Thats a tough one! Probably The General Store (SF & LA) or Manna, the quaintest little shop in Florence OR. Both are loaded with gorgeous artisan made goods and designed beautifully. 

three design pieces you can't live without:  

My Artisan Artifacts coffee pour over (which I sadly just chipped). Baskets I have them in every room, they just serve so many purposes! My daughter made us a beautiful ceramic hand print at school for Christmas. It’s so lovely and of course meant the world to us, we have it displayed on our book shelf. 

words of design wisdom: 

Finding great pieces takes time. If you want the items in your home to be meaningful and to bring you joy don’t rush it. When we first bought our home (almost 8 years ago now) I felt like I needed to fill it up with stuff so that it didn’t look empty. As a result most of the items just felt like filler, I only really connected with a few. Over the years I’ve given away most of those pieces, for new additions I look for things that serve a purpose. 



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