Mine Mediterranean




"Serene, Timeless and Pure" 

If there is one place that truly speaks to my soul, it is the Mediterranean.  Needless to say when I came across Miné Mediterranean my heart sang.  I was instantly transported to one of the most beautiful places in the world with their images of the vast blue sea, natural stones, olive trees and light-weight cottons. I am always looking for brands that embrace simplicity and good quality that I can connect to. The concept behind Miné embraces just that: simple, easy, classic and refined clothing inspired by Mediterranean style.  

With a new line of swim suits and après swim caftans and coverups, the talented sister duo manages to bring an uncomplicated, fresh, modern and ethical approach to swimwear bringing light back to clothing for me.  When I reached out to the brand I was pleasantly surprised that the faces behind Miné are two sisters passionate about sharing their experiences and story of the Mediterranean through their line.  

For me, such a big part of choosing brands is understanding who is creating the pieces. If I believe in their design and approach I want to be a part of their creation, whether it is a beautifully made chair, a throw pillow or bathing suits.  If I believe in a brand I feel good living my life in it and being an extension of the designers vision.  I'm excited to follow along with a new brand that shares similar inspirations and beliefs as I do and take a piece of the Mediterranean and their story with me on my own travels. 



Q & A

Sibel and Selina


How would you describe Miné Mediterranean?

Miné Mediterranean is living and feeling a true Mediterranean story through a line of delicately tailored swimwear and après swim pieces.  It is a conscious alternative for those who seek the discreet yet luscious pleasures of life by the sea. 


What is the philosophy behind your brand?

With our collection of swim and après swim we redefine luxury; allocate it in a new context where a good and honest life is lived through the appreciation of beauty, quality and unique pieces that tell an intimate story. We focus on experiential luxury, the idea of enjoying and taking in natural beauty, which goes in hand with a deep respect for history, culture and craftsmanship.



I was so drawn to your images of the Mediterranean and even more interested in your company when I learned a bit more. Will you share how you started – Do you have a background in design?

We grew up spending our summers by the Mediterranean in a small coastal town in Turkey located in a region known as the Turquoise Coast for its crystalline waters. Inspiration here is endless – beauty appears not only in aesthetics and details but it is felt in the air, – we feel Miné Mediterranean was actually created organically and slowly through the years, unconsciously taking in every element and memory of the Mediterranean life and eventually reflecting a synthesis of our experiences in our brand. 

We both went into creative fields and studied in NYC- one of us studied fashion while the other studied advertising and marketing. After graduating we both worked separately in the fashion industry but felt a need to finally go into this creative journey together, complementing each other to create Miné Mediterranean, a brand very much in touch with our roots and upbringing. 


I know we have your line of swim and après swim to look forward to early this spring and I am so looking forward to finding a brand that is aligned with my ideals on quality and simplicity.   What led you to create the line and what has inspired you the most along the way?

We are so excited for our launch this spring, which is designed and produced in New York City. Our line is the result of our quest for a refined and timeless destination-wear wardrobe. We want to capture and express the easeful elegance that defines the Mediterranean lifestyle.  

As you mention, quality and simplicity are the two strongest adjectives to describe the ethos of our line.  We have designed a curated collection of items, each made is made to stand on its own but carefully designed to be worn with its complementing counterpart. 

A lot of thought and research went into sourcing; our materials are consciously selected to fit the brand’s true essence. We integrate luxe Italian fabric for our swimwear line and incorporate precious textiles from hand-loomed organic silk linen and cotton for our après swim line. The entire process was such an enriching experience. We work closely with a family of Turkish artisans from a small village between the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. We have learned so much from them, the beauty of these raw materials and the history behind these century old methods. This has made us appreciate the honesty behind our pieces so much more, where each one has such a human part to it. 


I love that you are sisters in business together, how is it working together? And did you both grow up in the Mediterranean? 

Working together is a dream! We are so close and basically an extension of one another. Not only is this a journey of love and family but a part of who we are and our roots. We have worked in every single part and stage of the brand together, we complement each other in our areas of communications and design which has added great value to the development of our brand.  

Our summers spent by the Mediterranean were definitely the catalyst to the creation of this brand. We still spend a good part of the year there where our family has a home, especially now that we are overseeing our textile production.


Is there a specific area in the Mediterranean that has inspired your aesthetic the most?

Where and how to chose! The entire Mediterranean basin is so powerful, so rich in culture. Every corner is different though they all share that unique essence, where simplicity and beauty are harmonious. We definitely feel inspired by the hidden and secluded places, where nature speaks for itself and where you can feel and live the good life.


Whats your favorite palette?

We are inspired by the hues and textures of the nature in the region – the rich blue waters, the neutral tones of stone and pebble, the olive trees, the earth, the starry summer nights. We incorporate these elements in the tones of our swimsuits. This theme is also reflected in the textiles of our après swim line, where only natural dyes are used.


What are your goals for your launch and the next year?

We want to form a close connection with the Miné Mediterranean woman: to have her live the story behind each piece, to appreciate the details and time in the making. We want to continue the quest to deliver craftsmanship directly from its source, to build bridges between tradition and style.  Most of all we want to share the beauty of the Mediterranean through our pieces. 


"At the heart of Miné is the basic idea of a good life through the appreciation of honest, well-crafted pieces designed to reflect the relaxed yet refined lifestyle of the Mediterranean and its vast, everlasting beauty."