Mine Mediterranean is living and feeling a true Mediterranean story through a line of delicately tailored swimwear and apres swim pieces. 

At the heart of Mine is the basic idea of a good life through the appreciation of honest, well-crafted pieces designed to harbor and reflect the relaxed yet refined lifestyle of the Mediterranean’s vast and everlasting beauty.

Emphasizing on natural beauty, our swimwear line, apres swim line, and pestemals complete a curated collection of items, each made to stand on their own but carefully designed to be worn with their complementing counterpart. As a result, aesthetically balanced ensembles build a thought-out destination wardrobe to embark in memorable journeys and discover the world’s most beautiful settings.

Behind Mine Mediterranean half Turkish sisters Sibel and Selina approach their creative process by synthesizing the brands true spirit in the Mediterranean basin where its iconic blue waters paint the landscape, olive trees grow in abundance, pebble beaches adorn miles of coastline and the ever present sun invites to indulge in a reverie that starts in a blue voyage on the Turkish Riviera and stretches out from the Cote d Azur to the Amalfi Coast and beyond.

Miné Mediterranean is a conscious alternative for those who seek the discreet yet luscious pleasures in life by the Sea.