'52' Poetry & Art by Annette Kelsey

'52' Poetry & Art by Annette Kelsey


52' is a very special book. It is a book to treasure, a book to gift to someone special, and a book to delve into over and over again. Bound in natural linen and printed on deluxe art paper it contains a poem for each week of the year capturing moments in time, feelings of hope, and the beauty of nature. 

As a successful watercolour artist, Annette Kelsey loves to experiment with texture and colour yet at the same time control the outcome. She allows the paper, paint, water and brush to flow together producing works that are alive, fresh and unique. Annette's unique combination of art and poetry is inspired by the natural coastal and lagoon environment which brings a fresh perspective to a world that has forgotten how to be still. 

Annette Kelsey lives on Sydney's northern beaches with Narrabeen Lake and the beautiful Pacific Ocean within walking distance. Annette finds that poetry and watercolour are the perfect companions for inspiring her to breathe, refuel and find that perfect pace.

32 colour illustrations

Images courtesy of Annette Kelsey with design by Hello Hello Studio

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