service overview

From start to finish The Interior will assist in all aspects of creating a serene, comfortable and organized space.  From interior design solutions to organizational needs, styling and sourcing, we are here to work with you on your existing space or start from scratch.  Our philosophy is based on creating a place that you love to be in, whether it is a full renovation or a just a few days of clearing the closets, purchasing some new items and creating a sense of peace in your newly inspired home or commercial space. 


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interior design

When it comes to designing a room, we have you covered.  We work primarily on small scale projects, so consider the process a partnership.  We will work closely with you to define how you want your home to make you feel the instant you walk in the door. Our styling services include a range of heavy lifting/renovations to the tiny details that make a huge difference. Once we learn who you are, the way you live your day to day life we can establish the best way to style your surroundings using realistic solutions that you will be able to maintain on your own. Our process includes:

  • Concept and Present
  • Design, design, design
  • Shop + Accessorize 

interior refresh

Often times your space doesn't need renovations or a full redesign it just needs a little refresher. An Interior Refresh focuses more on replacing older items or things that no longer speak to you.  With an interior refresh I will be very hands on, organizing, styling and bringing a new sense of ease to the space.   Moving art to a different room, replacing dining room chairs or even just investing in some new  bedding and accessories will make the space feel new, with a smaller budget and much less time involved.  A refresher will include:

  • Reworking existing space and furniture to create a new flow
  • Shopping for accessories or any new larger pieces of furniture
  • Interior styling to create updated look


Sometimes when you've lived somewhere for a while its hard to see the clutter. It builds up, things become unorganized and you accumulate things you don't want or need. The simple act of clearing out your drawers, getting rid of unwanted things and living on the minimal side is very cleansing to your lifestyle and mood.  We will help you tackle your closets, kitchen cabinets, laundry room, and any tiny space that needs to breath.  Working together, we will teach you tips on how to maintain a "less is more" mentality when it comes to your home focusing on the following:

  • Closet decluttering in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, linen room, etc.
  • Lessons and techniques on folding and color coordinating
  • Living Seasonally (and strategically storing the rest!) 

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Here at The Interior we love to shop! Finding new designers, the softest sheets and pillows, the best candles and soaps, testing out paint colors and of course selecting furniture is our speciality. Our sourcing begins with the following and we will work specifically with you to find out exactly what your needs are in reviving your home.

  • Furniture
  • Color Pallet 
  • Home Accessories
  • Linen and Bedding
  • Art Selection