Interior Designer: Elisa Bally

Portrait by Jean Philip Piter

Portrait by Jean Philip Piter

Elisa Bally | Interior design

St Barth, French West Indies


Photography by Elisa Bally

" Never neglect the invisible in an interior design project.  What you feel is more important than what you see."

When speaking to Elisa Bally, St. Barths based Interior Designer the thing that stood out to me the most was her respect for the spirit of a space.  Something that is so important in design is adapting to the existing space and letting it be a part of its natural environment and protecting the feeling that space has.  For a designer in St. Barths that environment is very special to stay in tune with.  Elisa's designs blend perfectly with the beauty of the island, embracing warmth, texture and color.  Her emphasis on custom designed furniture and refined pallets creates spaces that are unique and special.  Her studio, based in the town of Gustavia and surrounded by other local stores and business overlooks the port where all the boats arrive. The studio is so inviting and inspiring that I couldn't help but share her vision with you.



Q & A:

Is St. Barth your home base? / How long have you been on the island?

I've lived on St. Barth for more than 10 years. This island is my sanctuary.

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words...

Texture, line, volume.

Your designs are so beautiful - what are your biggest inspirations when you start designing a new project?

Thank you! The environment in which the place to be revealed is and to be faithful to the spirit of the place. 

What are your favorite types of projects to work on?


Your showroom includes very special pieces. Where do you typically find these?

I am very close to the creators. I select designers or suppliers able to create customized pieces.

Workshops with craftsmanship gesture and quality of materials are essential. 

I love your use of color, can you speak about this?

For me, it is unthinkable to choose a color on a chart a few centimeters.  A color is a vibration. I create my colors tailored, intuitively, to shade meadows.

This color must accompany the harmony of the whole.  According to the light, it will reveal a volume, accompany a line of architecture. 


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View from Gustavia Studio

View from Gustavia Studio