Scents And Feel

Photograph via The Line

Photograph via The Line

Scents and Feel 

Miami, Florida


"Combines tradition, nature and beauty..."

Living in a beach town and my love for the Mediterranean it is no wonder that I have a soft spot for Turkish towels.  Founded in 2008, Scents & Feel is best known for bringing the original Turkish towel to the US.  Inspired by a successful background in the fashion industry and a passion for textile design the founders seamlessly brought together their upbringing in Tunisia and memories of the traditions of the area to create an original and beautiful product.  With an ever-changing, authentic and growing collection, they are constantly creating new and fresh styles and a wide rang for every taste. 

I am always on the search for the perfect towel.  I love oversized beach towels and the look and feel of a Turkish bath towel.  When I came across Scents and Feel's fouta towel I was thrilled.  They are not only beautiful but light weight and absorbent using all natural hand-woven cottons. They are the perfect piece for any beach house or gift to a visitor reminding you to relax and take care of your body and mind.   Connecting with Sophie, the co-founder and daughter of Jenny and Robert Haik, I learned of their history and the background of how they combine the Mediterranean hamam tradition with a contemporary lifestyle and have managed to stand out as one of the top Turkish towel designers selling at some of my favorite stores like The Line and Abc Home.  With many versions of the fouta towel available, Scents and Feel remains special reminding me of of the importance of self-care and body-care rituals.  


Q & A:

Sophie Haik


Can you tell me a bit of how Scents and Feel got started?

 Scents and Feel was created in 2007 with the idea to bring the fouta towel, also known as Turkish towel, to the US. Our family being from North Africa, this is something that we always used.  At first, everyone looked at the products not understanding exactly what it was but our collection (very small at the time) just caught the eyes of very trendy retailers and the press.


How did you land in sunny Miami?

 My parents were born in Tunisia and then moved to France where my sister and I were born. In the 80's, we moved to New York and after 10 years, we all moved back to France for a couple of years. Miami was a great choice to come back to the US.  The sun, the beach, it just seemed easy.


I am such a fan of your line of fouta towels, can you share a bit of the story how this type of Turkish towel became your focus?

My parents were born in Tunisia where everyone uses the fouta/turkish towel. This is something that have been a part of our lives. Once we left the ready to wear, my mother who is a textile lover decided to use her background to design a line of towels


What is the philosophy behind your brand?

Scents and Feel combines Mediterranean tradition with contemporary lifestyles to produce an exotic and colorful melange of 100% natural hang woven textiles in a vast array of textures, patterns, styles, and colors. To bring a fashion touch to a home decor line.


I know your family has a successful background in the fashion industry and then shifted to the restaurant business, what made you return to the world of textiles?

We are textile lovers and connoisseurs and had to go back to it :)


What are your best-selling pieces?

The best sellers all year long are the herringbone with 2 stripes ( the one you got from jayson home) the solid color ( we have over 30 colors and it is our first price), positive negative and our light terry/canvas reversible collection ( fouta, guest, pouch, and bad)  And them we have seasonal best sellers...this season the throw bamboo/linen are doing great, the fouta ocean and the fouta mandela.


Since you launched, numerous Turkish towel companies have been popping up.  How have you managed to stand out from the rest?

We are known for being the original company that launched the "turkish towel". We work extremely hard to have the best quality, designs and customer services. We are proud when customers tell us that their favorite towels is from Scents and Feel. We come up with new designs and ideas every season unlike most other companies that all have the same design


When we recently met, you showed me a line of beach towels that come with a scented spray.  I love how you have created such a sensory experience with the feel of the fabrics and scents to uplift your mood.  Can you talk to this?

Originally Scents and Feel was launched with a line of textile and a line of home scents...the reason behind the name. The textile part just took off and we stopped the scents. But we just wanted to bring something that we love and adding something special to the customers,  so why not a mist with a great smell that will add some sunshine to a rainy day.


What does the next year look like for Scents and feel?

 Always to try to be better than the previous year and to come up with great designs that will be in a lot of people lives  :)





"The Essence of Scents and Feel:

To bring to life pure cotton, woven materials, and create beauty and elegance ..."