Caroline Z. Hurley x Dee + Lee

Photography by Doug Young

Photography by Doug Young

Summer Popup

caroline z. hurley & Bites by dee + Lee

"Make a Home..."

One of the main things I envisioned when opening a retail store this summer was using the space for many purposes. I wanted to host designers, set up delicious lunches and create a small gathering space. When I started coming up with a concept for the store and buying, I knew from the get-go that I wanted to carry Caroline's textile line.  

Each piece she creates felt similar to what I wanted my store to be: casual, interesting, cozy and great quality. When I approached Caroline and her team to come to the store I was excited to create something centered around her work.  Caroline's brand is based around the idea of making a home. I connected quickly with this simple idea because in terms of design, this has always been the key for me. In design people see different things; everyone has different taste but one common thing people share is that feeling and true sense of making a home.  To me, that sense of home can be created through cozy blankets, throws, scents and of course food. 

Last summer I met Deeva and Lee who were part of a take away eatery called Caravan in Amanagasett.  They were both a huge inspiration to me watching them build Caravan and grow into something so special in one summer.  Seeing the way they set themselves apart out East to make something unique, healthy and creative.  When I heard they weren't opening again this summer I thought I somehow needed to capture a piece of Caravan in my store.  Caravan and Caroline seemed like an immediate fit. Deeva and Lee cooked up a seasonal menu of frittatas, smoked blue fish toast, carrot tahini toast, pesto greens and their famous Caravan buckwheat banana bread and almond flower brownies.  Nothing made me happier than combining design, food and great people... snoop some of our pictures, the menu and find Caroline's full line on her site below.




Caroline Z. Hurley