Krissy Jones, Sky Ting Yoga

Talk about inspiring powerhouses.  Krissy and Chloe have successfully created an amazing community at Sky Ting Yoga. The yoga studio itself stands out as one of my favorite spaces in China Town. Thoughtfully done in light wood, exposed white brick and beautiful pops of green with plants throughout.  The Sky Ting giraffe perfectly accents the room with a little fun and creativity. The design style of the studio reflects both Krissy and Chloe's personalities which is why I was so interested to see what their personal interior design aesthetic is like. Much like the bright, happy and airy space Krissy's personal interior design style is just dreamy . . .

Name: Krissy Jones

Profession: Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of SKY TING YOGA

Home Base: New York City

Design Style: Simple, light, bright, airy, classic.

What inspires you the most: Learning from my mentor, Nevine Michaan, traveling and building a community of amazing humans at SKY TING with Chloe!

Favorite room in your home: I live in a studio... so, the whole thing? I have a killer bathtub that I can't live without.

What are the things you can't live without in your home? 

Plants, candles/candlesticks, fresh flowers, art, a bathtub, crystals, nice sheets, ceramic bowls, yoga mat.

Connect: @SkyTingYoga / @KrassyJones /


Home Essentials

1. Linen Sheets from Restoration Hardware

2. "Say it with Flowers" painting by Nick Poe

3. Lisa Kane plant from the flower district in NYC

4. Custom kitchen table made by my boyfriend from recycled construction wood

5. Ceramic bowls and vase by Cassie Griffin

6. Antique brass candlesticks from family

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