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I was immediately drawn to Caravan when I saw them at Bhumi Farms (another local favorite!).  I am a sucker for branding, so the adorable caravan logo and thoughtful presentation spoke to me.  I was amazed with how genuine, nice and knowledgeable the three founders are. To top it off, their beautiful, healthy and local prepared food stands out as some of the best in the Hamptons. 

When Caravan found a home in a storefront right in Amagansett I knew the town would also fall in love.  Few places manage to truly bring a sense of authenticity, charm and quality like they so quickly have... I can't wait to see them grow! Like their store and the perfectly curated products they carry, their design style reflects exactly what I expected - an emphasis on nature, simplicity and quality. Bon Appetite! 

Name: Alex Cohen, Deeva Green, Lee Reitelman

Profession: Co-Founders of Caravan

Home Base: Amagansett & NYC

Design Style: Mediterranean, Japanese, natural/ earth tones, linen

What inspires you the most: Nature, travel, other people's stories...

Favorite room in your home: Kitchen

Connect: @caravanwithus /

Home Essentials

1. Plants with dangling vines

2. Vintage American or Japanese (iwachu) cast iron

3. Indigo-dyed textiles

4. ABC oversized couch

5. A place to make a fire

6. A pantry full of beautifully packaged tinned fish:

jose gourmet and sardines camargue especially

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