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Health & Wellness at Katonah Yoga Apothecary


Photographs by Glen Allsop

Creating and being in a home that you love is so important.  I love seeing different people's style and what makes their space their own.  My style is specific and one that I'm sure will evolve but simplicity has always spoken to me for as long as I can remember.   There is nothing more relaxing to me then being in a space that embraces a clean palette and a few strong, quality pieces of timeless furniture.  Whatever it is that makes you feel that sigh of relief when walking in your door is really all that matters. 

When it comes to food and products the same rules apply.  Less is more in all accounts!  Its a bit easier with design but eating simply and using products that are trustworthy, high-quality, fresh and local is always worth the extra effort and research. 

I recently had the opportunity to design an apothecary, shop & tea room (along with refreshing their yoga studio next door).  The process was eye opening in many ways.  Its rare to truly believe in everything you are a part of or designing.  I believe in the products and mindset of the women who have the shop and the creator of their line apothecary line, Eva Twine, as well as curated selection of favorite products.  Their shop is new and will grow, so I'm excited to follow along with their selections and adopt them as my own. 

Their menu ranges from fresh almond milk, homemade "karma mix," local honey and a menu including medical teas, coffees and my personal favorite that I can't stop talking about, charcoal lattes.  Their beauty/health products include custom essential oils, face mists, yoga matt spray, oil cleansers and more.  In addition, they've partnered up with Canadian based company Woodlot for candles, Little Barn Apothecary and Osi Living.

Take a look at some of my favorite products and snacks from the Apothecary + Tea Room.  Each one blends perfectly with my outlook on design and are great additions for your home. 


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